Extension Education



The department of extension education gives the knowledge about application of Scientific research and knowledge to agricultural practices through farmer education. Throughout degree program this department includes the knowldege of rural sociology & educational psychology, different extension methodologies for effective transfer of agricultural technologies to the farmers through audiovisual aids like, television, Radio, OHP, LCD, DVD, charts, posters, leaflet, folders, Kisan Call Centre, internet, world wide web, also the Entrepreneurship Development programmes and given the practical experience at root level through Rural Agricultural Work Experience (RAWE) in different villages.

Course Out come :

1. EXTN-111 : 2+0 = 2

      Course Title : Rrural sociology and educational psychology

       Knowing social life of rural people and understand their psychology and general tendency.

2. EXTN-122 : 2+1 = 3

      Course Title : Fundamentals of Agricultural Extension education

      Identification of problems to implement the Extension programme  and information about different Government schemes            implemented for rural developement and different methods of communication

3. EXTN-123 : 1+1 = 2

         Course Title : Communication Skills and Personality Developments

          Different communication technologies for transfer of  improved technology to the farmers and how to increase the rate of             adaption of different technologies.Personality Development ,Listening, writting and specking skills etc

4. EXTN-355: 1+1 = 2

          Course Title : Entrepreneurship development and Buisness  Communication 

           Developing Entrepreneur characteristics with different ED programmes implemented by the Government for Youths.

5. ELE-EXTN-244 : 2+1 = 3

            Course Title : Agricultural Journalism

           Importance and scope of Journalism, Newspapers and Magazines as a communication Media, how to write Form and                  Content of news,Style and language of Newspapers.

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