Welcome to Shri Sai Janvikas Pratisthans, College of Agriculture, Khandala Tal. Vaijapur Dist. Aurangabad (MS). The leader is one who transforms information into a vision, like this our former president was actively interested and involved in Agriculture and allied socio-economic fields.

Today Indian agriculture needs a highly competent & multi-disciplinary human resources. Hence Trust took this opportunity of investing in people for giving a cadre of highly competent human resource in the field of Agriculture. Educating the rural kids and youth is the prime objective of the trust

Shri sai janvikas pratisthan Mandal established college of agriculture Khandala .SSJP started many educational institutes and now has been developed in a big organization. There are many faculties in this organization. In Agriculture along with agriculture colleges, college of Agricultural Biotechnology is a separate branch. The objective of above colleges is to give the knowledge of different faculties to the students and to develop well learned personalities. By doing the research in faculties the organization wants to improve the social life of population and do the welfare of the population living in this area.

           Shri sai janvikas pratisthan Kalamb  main office is located at: B-101, Tulsi arcade, Cannaught Garden, CIDCO, and Aurangabad, (Maharashtra) with the Phone No. 0240-2480451. The institute has following objectives:

  • To established and run societies for development of Agriculture Engineering Medical, Arts, Commerce and Science
  • To do social service of all religious through Libraries, Hostel, Adult educated. Youth mandals, Oldage home and Mahila Adhar Grih.
  • To undertake research projects on development of nursery, Orchids, Watershed development. In order to improve the economic condition of farmers and welfare of society, the Agricultural research is being done on following aspects.
  • A) Development of high yielding genotypes with resistance to biotic and Abiotic stress. The genotypes with quality, wide adaptability and responsive to fertilizer.
  • B) Production of quality seeds.
  • C) Development of new production technology to improve the yield of the state.
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