Patron Desk


Dr Anant Vedprakash Patil

Education has always been a corner stone of society , a pillar  on which the bulk work of humans existence rests, a leading light that has helped mankind his way in quest of unknown . As a Member it is my duty to discover the hidden talents of students and polish them in curriculum to serve in agriculture industries for betterment of society.

I believe that every human being is born with intellectual quotient. We at college of agriculture  Khandala work towards developing the hidden qualities of hard work, enthusiasm and devotion to the work and grooming these qualities of students for their holistic development.

Here at  college of agriculture  Khandala aspire for excellence in education and research to meet the short falls of skilled manpower in the Agri sectors. It shall be our endeavor to provide the most modern education in natural and peaceful environment by making the young generation competent towards global challenging work environment. It is  although a new branch in lime light, focus mainly on saving the agriculture.

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